Industry Symposium

Is there a place for BCMA-based combinations in early RRMM?

25 May 2024, 9:20-10:50 CEST


Sagar Lonial, MD (Co-chair)
Professor, Chair, and Chief Medical Officer
Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology
Emory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, GA, USA

Hermann Einsele, MD (Co-chair)
Professor and Chair
Department of Internal Medicine
University of Würzburg
Würzburg, Germany

Rakesh Popat, MD, PhD
Consultant Hematologist and Associate Professor
University College Hospital
London, UK

Hang Quach, MD
Professor/Director of Clinical Hematology Medicine
St Vincent’s Hospital, University of Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia

25 min

Welcome and faculty introduction

Sagar Lonial, MD

Presentation 1: State of the art data review: novel regimens for the potential treatment of patients with early RRMM

Sagar Lonial, MD

Panel and audience discussion 1 (with Q&A): Are the goals of therapy at first MM relapse changing given the rapidly transforming treatment landscape and recent data read-outs?

All faculty, moderated by Hermann Einsele, MD

25 min

Presentation 2: Perspectives on the real-world management of patients with RRMM

Rakesh Popat, MD, PhD

Panel and audience discussion 2 (with Q&A): How can we evolve real-world strategies for optimizing the benefit-risk for patients in earlier lines of therapy?

All faculty, moderated by Sagar Lonial, MD

25 min

Presentation 3: Options overload: the many treatment choices currently available for second-line patients with MM

Hang Quach, MD

Panel and audience discussion 3 (with Q&A): Is there a true unmet need for novel options for patients experiencing their first MM relapse?

All faculty, moderated by Hermann Einsele, MD

10 min

Audience Q&A

All faculty, moderated by Sagar Lonial, MD, and Hermann Einsele, MD

5 min

Closing remarks

Hermann Einsele, MD