BMS Industry Symposium

Treatment Options In RRMM: Expert Controversies

Saturday, May 13, 2023
16:45–18:00 CEST

Prof. Mohamad MOHTY
(Paris, France)

Prof. Francesca GAY
(Torino, Italie)

Prof. Cyrille TOUZEAU
(Nantes, France)


16:45-16:50 Introduction
Prof. Mohamad Mohty
16:50-17:00 Unmet medical needs in RRMM
Prof. Mohamad Mohty
17:00-17:25 Treatment options in RRMM: targeted protein degraders
Prof. Francesca Gay & Prof. Mohamad Mohty
17:25-17:50 Treatment options in RRMM: new cellular and T-cell engager therapies
Prof. Cyrille Touzeau & Prof. Mohamad Mohty
17:50-18:00 Q&A

Educational objectives

  • Discuss the current unmet medical needs in RRMM patients
  • Provide an overview of available therapeutic options and targets in treatment of relapse/refractory myeloma
  • To understand the novel approaches and their positioning in the treatment landscape of relapse/refractory myeloma