The Jean-Luc Harousseau Award

The COMy Congress has established in 2023, the Jean-Luc Harousseau (JLH) Award for achievements which have advanced the field of multiple myeloma, and established the milestones and foundations of modern myeloma therapy.

In more than 40 years of active career, Dr Harousseau has devoted his professional life to advance clinical research in multiple myeloma. He has gained recognition across the globe as a pioneer and leader in this field. This award acknowledges and celebrates important research achievements. Dr Harousseau’s dedication to myeloma, hard work, and excellence in clinical care, ultimately resulting in improvement in patient care, are among the many reasons for which this award was named in his honor.

This award will be presented during the live days of the 2023 COMy Congress and the awardee will be invited to give a lecture.

Criteria for application:

Significant contribution to the field of interest of the award. The clinical or basic research papers submitted for consideration were published between 2016-2022.

Candidates must submit their detailed CV (maximum of 10 A4 pages, single-spaced, 12 font) A maximum of 25 articles can be presented per candidate.

Only original papers will be mainly evaluated (usually excluding reviews, editorials, and summaries of press releases at Congresses, speeches and retractions).

Only articles for which the candidate is the first or last author will be evaluated. Journal impact factor must be submitted along with the references, in order to allow for calculation of the cumulative impact factor of the candidate.

The 2023 JLH Award is supported by GSK

Deadline for application/ nomination of candidacy for this award is April 6, 2023.

Please send all applications to:, noting in the subject line: COMy 2023 Award.

The COMy Congress Organizing Committee is honored to recognize outstanding individuals and institutions that are continuing to drive fundamental clinical and basic research forward, broadening tomorrow’s scientific and clinical horizons, with the objective of improving patient care in the field of multiple myeloma.


On behalf of the COMy Congress Organizing Committee

Professor Mohamad Mohty, Co-Chair COMy Congress
Professor Arnon Nagler, Co-Chair COMy Congress
Professor Thierry Facon, Co-Chair COMy Congress